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Find your most productive time of the day


Your biological clock has sway over your style of working and living. Knowing the ups and downs of your natural

biorhythms would definitely be of benefit to your productivity.


With Alacrity you can

  • Track your biorhythms
  • Use your focus hours for challenging work
  • Plan daily around your most productive time
Easy adding

Track your daily energy levels, focus, and motivation

Rate your focus, energy, and motivation levels each waking hour to learn how they shift throughout the day.
Your prime time

Discover your prime hours

Alacrity will analyze and identify your productivity periods, whenever your energy, focus and motivation align at a high point. At your prime hours you can be your most productive self.
create events

Adjust your schedule to your biorhythms

Rearrange your daily activities according with your productivity periods. Reserve key windows for high-priority tasks. Sync your prime hours with the calendar directly from the app.